December 8, 2023

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Where to Place Your Car Audio Speakers

After buying your car audio system, you may think the decisions are over. In reality, it is far from that, as you need to decide where to fit your car audio speakers.

Placement of car speakers has quite an effect upon sound quality. Rather like a home sound system, the sound changes as you move speakers around. Thus, it’s important to get the speakers in the correct place so as to produce the optimum sound quality.

You can place speakers in your car through one or two ways, by custom fit or manufactured fit. You may have already noticed in your car, usually in one of three places (the dash, the door and the rear deck), that there is a space for speakers. These are created when the car is manufactured; however, they are created as an afterthought, rather than incorporated as part of the design. Because of this, speakers are not usually placed in the best places in cars, thus this inadvertently affects the quality of the listening experience in your car.

Custom speaker placement is often the way to go, if you want quality sound. Even though, this can be an expensive option if totally custom built, it does provide an overall better quality sound. There are, however, cheaper ways you can fit speakers into your car and still get high quality sound.

Always bear in mind that your home audio system has speakers placed an equally distance apart from each other. This is because an equal distance produces a much better sound quality. So to produce a similar effect, place your car audio speakers the same distance apart from one another. Moreover, make sure that your speakers are above floor level as lowly placed speakers have a significant dampening effect on sound quality. For optimum sound quality, it is recommended that you place them just above the ear or on level footing with your body.

Speaker placement is vital to getting the most out of your music in your car, so really think about it before you make any decisions.