December 8, 2023

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Vorsteiner Wheels – High Quality Custom Forged Wheels for Your Vehicle

Though traditionally known for their high quality Dry Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics, Vorsteiner Technik has, in the last year or two, branched out into all aspects of BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley, and Ferrari Tuning. Due to their immense success, they’ve been able to carry their momentum into a line high quality forged wheels, custom made for any vehicle.

Vorsteiner wheels are available in 3 Piece and 1 Piece configurations.

The 3 Piece wheels are great for those who desire a large “lip” or are particular about exact offsets. They’re also good for custom finishes, as you can have a different color on the lip, the center, the barrel, etc. 3PC Wheels are a little bit heavier than their monoblock counterparts, and generally cost a little bit more due to the number of parts and labor involved in assembling them.

The latest craze right now is 1 Piece wheels. These wheels are fashioned out of a single block of forged aluminum, and therefore tout strength, light weight, and stunning appearance. Vorsteiner has a number of 1 piece forged wheel designs, and is moving towards this configuration with a lot of their new styles.

What differentiates Vorsteiner Wheels?
Indeed, there are a lot of forged wheel companies out there, and at times a lot of their designs can look similar. Vorsteiner, however, has designs that are simply stunning, more visually appealing than many of those who specialize in wheels alone. Take, for example, the V306 or V102. These wheels are a breathtaking appearance, especially considering how hard it can be to “reinvent the wheel” and deliver unique designs.

Beyond this, Vorsteiner wheels have an element of prestige and continuity not found with many other brands. Their style and motif perfectly compliment Vorsteiner aerodynamics, adding an element of congruity and cohesion to your car. Sure, it can be good to mix and match different parts from different companies, but to many, the appeal of having a full “Vorsteiner” car is very alluring.