December 11, 2023

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Use Carbon Fiber Vinyl on Your Next Sign

Vinyl is a popular and inexpensive product that can be used for making signs of all types. It comes is just about every color imaginable and can be layered to give it the look that is wanted on the sign. Those who are looking for a unique sign that has the inexpensiveness of vinyl but that is also durable and tough should consider using carbon fiber vinyl on the sign. A sign can be fully wrapped and layered to create any design or lettering that is wanted. It can even be used for just the lettering or design while still keeping the original sign intact.

The following are some types of signs that can have carbon fiber vinyl used for lettering and graphics:

  • Coroplast – Coroplast is probably one of the most cost effective materials used for signage. It is durable enough for real estate signs and signs that are moved frequently. It can even be used for a permanent sign but it is not the best material for this use. You can use carbon fiber vinyl when making the lettering or the coroplast can be completed overlaid with the material and other vinyl used to do the lettering. This makes the coroplast look more durable than it actually is.
  • PVC – PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is a popular material for sign making because it is easy to use and cut and is cost effective. It comes in many sizes widths such as quarter inch up to two inches thick. This makes it quite versatile for many different sign types. When covered in carbon fiber vinyl, it looks even more durable and can be screwed into walls or doors. Many even mount it with double sided tape when the sign in placed indoors. There is no end to the uses for PVC signs and where they can be placed.
  • Backlit Signage – While you would not want to overlay a backlit sign with carbon fiber because it would not light up properly, you can use it to create graphics or letting to give the sign a unique look. Backlit signs are typically slightly opaque and are placed in a light box that when turned on, shines through the backlit material. Any vinyl that is installed creates a shadow that can be read when the light of the signage is turned on at night. During the day, the lettering and graphics can be read quite plainly without the need for the backlighting.

It is quite common to see carbon fiber vinyl used in vehicle wraps and decaling but it has not been used as frequently on signage. This means that those who choose to use it on their signs have a unique look that is remembered by customers. If you want to have a sign that stands out from others then you should consider using carbon fiber vinyl. It can be used on coroplast, PVC and even backlit signs to create a unique look that can be layered in the same way that other vinyl colors are used.