December 10, 2023

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The Humble Tow Truck

A tow truck, also called as wrecker or a breakdown truck is a vehicle used for transporting vehicles like motor vehicles to other locations. These trucks are also used to move vehicles which are no longer drivable and hence difficult to move from one place to another.

Usually there are five types of the towing equipment which are commonly used. These towing equipments depend on the size and nature of the vehicle to be towed. Moreover, there are heavy-duty trucks for towing heavy vehicles as well as boom, hook and chain, wheel lift, flat bed, integrated which are mostly employed for towing purposes.

A boom is not specifically used for towing but there are many trucks which come with adjustable boom for recovering the vehicles stuck in a ditch. Hook and chains are looped around the vehicle which is to be towed and then are moved. Wheel lift has evolved from hook and chain equipment and helps tow large vehicles. Integrated sometimes also referred to as self loader or repo trucks are used in light duty trucks so that these can repossess vehicles parked illegally. Ford f-550 is used as a medium duty truck which is like a chassis with a cab. A commercial body can be easily mounted on it afterwards. A Ford f-550 can be converted into an ambulance, tow truck or even a dump truck according to one’s need. There are two fuel filters present in it which helps prevent undesired contaminants from entering into the fuel system.

You also don’t have to worry if you intend selling your used tow truck as you would find many dealers out there who are ready to buy used trucks in exchange with some very handsome dough. After buying a used truck, one might need to buy truck accessories in order to replace old worn out parts of the truck or alternatively this may be avoided by leasing a tow truck instead of buying a used one. This might also prevent you spending extra cost. Instead of leasing a new truck one can also opt to buy a used medium duty truck if it meets your towing requirements as it would be less costly compared to a heavy duty truck. Besides buying trucks, one can even buy used car carriers which can serve for the towing purpose but this depends on the size and weight of the car/vehicle to be towed.