December 11, 2023

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Scooter and Mopeds Make Great Financial Sense

A moped is typically a two wheeled vehicle resembling a motorbike. The differences between a motorbike and a mopeds are difficult to quantify, but typically will include some of the following factors.

Modern mopeds will often have a step through design rather than a motorbikes step over mounting system. Most mopeds are also equipped with an automatic transmission as opposed to a manual transmission on most motorbikes. Perhaps one of the main attractions of a mopeds is the simplistic twist throttle control, which, coupled with the lack of gears makes the process of travelling, simply a matter of twisting the right handlebar throttle.

Although most mopeds fall between the 50CC and 125CC range, there are also many 150CC mopeds even going as high as 500 CC.

Up until the 1980s, many mopeds had pushbike pedals, to allow the rider to actually peddle the bike for some distance.

These days, most mopeds do not have pedals, and the term is a generic phrase used to describe smaller motorbikes typically under 125CC. However mopeds exist that have a cubic capacity far higher than this, and the line between high end mopeds and a motorcycle can seem blurred.

Most mopeds have an automatic transmission, and the vast majority have a step through design.

In the UK, a provisional driving license can be obtained by anybody over the age of 16. However at this age only mopeds under 50CC can be licensed legally. The provisional licence is given only to those who pass a CBT.

C.B.T. stands for “Compulsory Basic Training” Many times you will hear it referred to as compulsory bike training.the latter is incorrect.

At age 17 and above, the CBT entitles the rider to ride a bike up to 125CC. And the 30 mile an hour speed restriction is lifted.

Mopeds safety, requires that all riders wear a motorcycle helmet, it is also recommended that riders wear brightly coloured clothing and scuff and impact proof armour. Most modern lightweight motorcycle clothing includes this armour in the form of shoulder pads knee-pads and elbow pads.

Modern mopeds have a fantastic fuel economy, often able to do close to 120km per gallon. In addition to the savings on fuel, this also reduces substantially the carbon dioxide emissions per mile.

With fuel prices increasing, the demand for mopeds has risen steadily in the last four years. They offer a practical and cheap solution for many applications where only one person is required to travel without a great deal of luggage. It has become quite common for car owners to own a mopeds as a second vehicle to cut down on costs for many local journeys.