December 8, 2023

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Engineered Like No Other Car

Save Money on Fuel and Gas – Use Water Hybrid Tech

I was lucky to come across old Popular Science and Popular Mechanic magazines. I read every word with thirst. In the classifieds I found intriguing ads for “free energy” books and plans that sparked my imagination. I ordered some books and the information I found in them was hard to believe – Official US Patents showing clear, easy to follow technologies to generate what seemed feasible free energy to the inventor AND to the US government, through its Patent Office!

One thing was not clear though. How come these inventions lie there in dust and nobody’s DOING anything about them? In the big, rich and powerful America?! It took me many years of research to fully realize that there are people who want these technologies suppressed for as long as they possibly can. For profit of course.

It was not hard to figure out that if it took me so much research to get to this information and this understanding, then it follows that the average dude has little chance of finding out. He’s being lied to constantly and massively. My father made sure to teach me all about how impossible free energy was. He kept mentioning extracting energy from water. I kept this at the back of my mind and, as Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot always says, waited for some truth to present itself.

In 2006 it came to me in the shape of a funny little jar that somebody installed in my truck. He said it would generate energy out of water. I was skeptical but enthusiastic to discover the truth. It took minutes to realize – it was indeed working! With plain water out of the guy’s garden hose… It saved gas, drastically suppressed my terrible emissions – and even added some power to my weary 20-year old truck. One of the things I like best was it made the truck very quiet, so I no longer needed to shout on the cellphone or blast the radio.

“A technology so cheap and marvelous must not be put aside – the world must know about this!”, I thought to myself and started doing something about it. I became a teacher. After a few short months I had cars running with this “miracle” all over the world: From Norway to Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Ireland and Poland, Austria and Spain, all over the Good Old USA and Latin America. Oops…I forgot to mention good old England.

Did you notice that when you actually experiment with a new technology, even if only a new recipe in the kitchen, that you become wiser and more confident about it? And you get new realizations that you did not get from reading a piece of paper? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me. It took me some time and a lot of actual experimentation, to finally wrap my head around this “free energy from water” idea. It came in a flash one day: we are NOT generating free energy like some ridiculous machine diagrams that never take off. We’re only REDUCING the 75{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} waste of normal gasoline engine!

And that’s an important realization.

Do you realize that you’re driving a very poorly designed car? It has a beautiful finish and some very futuristic looks. But it does poorly on energy. Only 25{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} of the energy in the gasoline you paid dearly for is actually used for moving forward. 75{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} is turned into heat (destroys the planet), emissions (unburned fuel), and additionally vibration and carbon deposits that slowly destroys the engine. And plain freaking noise that we just take for granted.

We’ve all heard and seen “hybrids” but on the highway they are nothing but regular, inefficient cars. Their aerodynamics are a little better, but that’s true for many other cars that don’t have the Pris looks. It’s a great step forward though, if you can afford the price, because they make us think of alternative energy in more earthly terms.

One major solution can be converting your existing car to FULL ELECTRIC (not hybrid – you throw away the engine and put an electric motor and a bunch of batteries), for which conversion kits are available from several companies in the “green mile” of California’s Bay Area. The next best thing – but 15 to 60(!) times cheaper – is to convert your existing car to a WATER HYBRID. That is, you leave the engine in there, unmodified or mostly unmodified, and you boost it up with water. Yes, it IS possible! And fairly easy.

From my experimentation with different cars, old and new, I found out that the SYSTEM approach to energy savings works the best. I recommend that you use ALL the technologies listed below to save fuel, because they support and supplement each other. A nice 20{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} saving here, 5{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} there, 3{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} over there, it quickly adds up. You can practically double your mileage and be the envy of the neighborhood.

The 12 ingredients of my “secret recipe” are:

1. Install a water-to-energy converter. These are basically electrolyzes or vapor injectors that use very little energy to boost the poor performance of gasoline as explained above. You can get a fully functional, ready to install system dirt cheap from water4gas

2. Install a fuel warmer such as “Fuel Atomizer 2000” –

3. Replace the spark plug WIRES with “Kiker Wires” from that improve the sparks by creating magnetic fields.

4. DO NOT, let me repeat this, DO NOT fill up your tank at stations that add 10{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} ethanol (the mixture is called “gasohol”). Instead, buy some Xylene ( ) and add it yourself for much better results and fuel economy.

5. Replace your regular engine oil with “AMSoil Series 2000” synthetic oil or similar low-friction oil.

6. Use a bottle or two of fuel treatment such as “AMSoil P.I.” to clean up.

7. Install what I call, for lack of a better name, “MSE” (MAP Sensor Enhancer, available from and other sources) which is basically a variable resistor to lean the gasoline mixture. At the same time also UNPLUG the upstream Oxygen Sensor. When you do that, you gain back control over the ECU which is one of the major causes of fuel waste. This by itself saves 11{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697}-31{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} in my Corolla. There is a right way to do it and there is a wrong way to do it, so learn the ropes before adding this powerful ingredient.

8. Driving habits are another major contributor. Before I go into that it is worth to mention that none of the “miracles” above will do much of its magic if your engine is broken. You can’t just wish your way past a broken piston – fix it. It’s part of your responsibilities as a driver. Now for driving habits, you can read all about it on the Internet, so let me tell you one trick you don’t hear about too often, and that’s to put your gear into neutral when you go downhill. I have a scan gauge device and (while the water device keeps the engine idling almost without fuel) I get readouts of up to 340 MPG downhill. I have photos to prove it and I believe even higher numbers are possible. That means that for long stretches of road I’m using hardly any gasoline at all.

9. Last is to keep your tires fully pressurized. By “fully” I do not mean “over pressure” because then you lose traction and wear out the tire faster. Only if traction and the life span of the tire are not that important to you for whatever reason, pump 10{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} or 15{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} more air than recommended for your vehicle. DO NOT EXCEED the maximum pressure marked on the tire itself!

10. To actually READ the results in real time use the scan gauge-II from It saves you long trips or road tests. And frankly, it’s the only way to tell if certain technologies or driving habits actually work or not. And to what extent.

11. Last but not least is to get your money back. Make your government support you and reward you for doing all the above – see

12. Yeah, and there’s one more ingredient to this secret recipe: don’t be fooled by self-appointed “experts”. How can you tell if one is an expert or a silly bugger? When they tell you “it cannot be done” or “it is scientifically impossible”, you ask them – and INSIST on a straight answer – you ask them if they have ever TRIED it themselves, exactly per a specific technology and with TODAY’S cars. You will find out that they haven’t. Tell them to bugger off. And don’t take my word for it either because maybe I’m a silly bugger just as well. Experiment for yourself! There’s no other way of really KNOWING if it is true or not.

And then let the world know. I do.

Finally if you will like to use this technology to save money on fuel visit Click Here!