December 8, 2023

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Pacific Watch – Tips on Buying a Used Or Showroom Car Or Vehicle

Before you part with your money to buy a used or showroom car, consider getting a car and a vehicle history report (VHR) to ensure the car is not a lemon. Next, particularly for first time buyers get a car and vehicle valuation (CVV) as well, to help you check the value of the car before you purchase it.

There are four good reasons why you should get a VHR. The first reason is the report will tell you whether there is money still owed on the car. Secondly, the report may tell you that the car is an insurance write off. The third reason, is that the car may be recorded by the Police as stolen. Lastly, the VCR may reveal the car odometer has been wound back or clocked. For these reasons, invest in getting a vehicle history report.

According to data compiled by the Automobile Association in New Zealand (AA) 21,000 vehicles, on average, a year are reported stolen; over 600,000 cars have finance outstanding; and 45{a53f8b9175db1cb75ce5b82618aa6abd494f11d315012478667eece155d9c697} of the cars they check have on average one serious problem with it.

As already mentioned, a CVV will check the value of the car or vehicle before you buy. So, the report will ensure that you get a good deal or pay a fair market price for the vehicle and no more. Thus, investing in a CVV could help you make an informed decision to buy too.

Further, a CVV will include a range of prices for the chosen vehicle and condition that you want, which range between as new (showroom condition) and poor (significant repairs or bodywork needed).