December 8, 2023

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Options to Consider For After Market Yamaha Motorcycle Seats

Not everyone wants to stick with the stock seats that come with their motorcycles. Some find these seats uncomfortable due to the amount of riding they do or a poor fit, and others just prefer a different look. Whatever your reasons for choosing to get a new motorcycle seat, there is no end to the options available. Many people choose seats by companies such as Mustang, Granucci, or Corbin, but there are other companies out there that make after market Yamaha motorcycle seats. Some choices include Pacific Coast Star, Sargent, and Ultimate Seats.

Yamaha motorcycle seats for a number of different bikes are available from Pacific Coast Star. Those with RS Warrior bikes can get either their Original or their Potato Chip style seats for this bike. If you would like to sit a bit lower on the bike (three inches or so) than the stock seat and admire seats with a seamless and sleek look, the Potato Chip will probably suit you. For those who really want a comfortable seat but like the look of the stock seat, the Original seat from Pacific Coast Star will probably be the best option. This company also makes other styles of seats for other Yamaha motorcycles.

Yamaha motorcycle seats are available from Sargent as well. The Sargent motorcycle seat for Yamaha FZS1000/FZ1 01-05 motorcycles is a good choice as it requires almost no maintenance. The inside is composed of a proprietary Super Cell Atomic Foam to make them as comfortable as possible, especially on long rides. The seat cover is made of marine-grade and UV-stabilized upholstery that can be color coordinated.

Owners of Roadliner/Stratoliner, Road Star, Royal Star, V-Star 1100 Classic or Custom, and V-Star 1300 Classic motorcycles can get custom made Yamaha motorcycle seats from Ultimate Seats. There are a lot of different options to choose from. You can choose to get front seats, passenger seats, front backrests, and/or rear backrests individually or as a set. These seats can be either plain or studded and made out of vinyl or leather in a number of different colors. A silver star logo is the standard embroidery, but you can choose from other options as well if you prefer. For those who want something a bit different, you can also get a two toned seat or one that is either partly or totally covered with synthetic ostrich. Due to the way these seats are made, they are not waterproof, only water resistant.