December 8, 2023

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Everybody Knows What a Gear Tooth Hall Effect Speed Sensor is – So Why Don’t You?

So what on earth is a gear tooth hall effect speed sensor anyway and do you really need to know? The fact is that if you drive a car with anti-lock brakes then you make use of them each and every time you drive your car. This is because they are the very latest technology in electronic speed sensors that are in use in automobiles today.

Magnetic Speed Sensors

Gear tooth hall effect speed sensors is a big mouthful of words to say, so these types of speed sensors are commonly referred to as magnetic speed sensors. They do in fact rely on the use of magnets in their function but it is the effect that the magnets have on electricity in sensor that powers their function.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Without electronic anti-lock braking sensors anti-lock braking systems would not be possible. It is the speed and frequency of the actual processes that transpires when anti lock braking systems are activated that requires the use of a high tech electronic sensor of this type.

The Focus on the Teeth in a Gear

Gear tooth hall effect sensors focus on and gage the number of gear teeth that pass by them to function. They use magnets to accomplish this and the information is passed on to a small central computer in the braking system that regulates the brakes in an anti lock braking system.

A Mouthful of Words

This process takes place up to twelve times every second and without this level of speed and accuracy anti-lock braking systems simply couldn’t function correctly. So, the next time that you hear magnetic sensors being mentioned, you will now know that what the person is really talking about is gear tooth hall effect speed sensors.