December 8, 2023

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Engineered Like No Other Car

Eclipse ZA1200 Amplifiers

Car customization doesn’t only include paint jobs or adding a new muffler. Improving your car’s sound quality is considered to be one of the most important things car enthusiasts do. Although car amps are so important, they are usually overlooked by many installers.

If you are thinking of upgrading your factory speakers and trying to add a subwoofer, you need an amplifier that can power them and provide clean and accurate sound. Car amplifiers take a signal that comes from any car stereo system, and then they amplify it and send it to your speakers and subwoofers. Eclipse, one of the mobile audio companies, manufactured a new amplifier that has a very high efficiency rate without getting overheated. The Eclipse ZA1200 is an attractive and stylish looking amplifier loaded with unique technologies to power-up your car’s subwoofers efficiently.

Eclipse ZA1200 Design:

When manufacturing this powerful amplifier, Eclipse car audio company made sure to produce an amp that can be easily mounted in any place even in compact cars. The ZA1200 has a 12-3/16 inch width, 2-3/8 inch High and 10-1/4 inch Depth. You no longer have to worry about finding the right place to mount your amp because the ZA1200 is small enough to be installed in any place including your trunk or under the seat. With the Eclipse ZA1200, you will not only see an improved sound quality, but you will also enjoy the stylish look with the illuminated LEDs and silver chrome sides. All connections and fuses are side-mounted to hook up your wires conveniently.

Performance and Technology:

Besides the attractive look, what makes the Eclipse ZA1200 the right choice for any enthusiasts is the matchless performance and technology. This amplifier is capable of producing up to 1,200 watts RMS with an adjustable low-pass filter and bass for the ultimate sound quality. The ZA series amplifier can also run efficiently even in your car’s heavy and stress environment due to the ICEPower technology which allows it to stay cool. The ICEPower technology allows your amplifier to produce a greater sound quality and lowers energy demand and dependability.

The Eclipse ZA1200 class D amp can be the perfect solution for someone who is looking for clear sound quality, efficiency and reliability. The secret behind the great performance lies behind the unique ICEPower technology which explains the slim design and matchless performance. The ZA1200 is very affordable for those who are serious about taking their car audio experience to the next level.