December 11, 2023

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Cruising with Comfort – Sheepskins Make Life Easier

Advantages of PT Cruiser sheepskin car seat covers

Equal parts Al Capone, Woodstock, and oh-so-chic tech, the PT Cruiser is worthy of the passion it inspires. The essential add-on is a set of PT Cruiser sheepskin car seat covers, offering increased comfort and the highest level of protection for the Cruiser interior.

Cruiser sheepskin car seat covers have high-density, soft, springy wool fibers that redistribute weight over a larger surface area than do other materials. During a long road trip, this translates into more comfort and less fatigue.

Another advantage of sheepskin is that the fibers compensate for temperature and moisture. On chilly days, sheepskin keeps the cool air away from your skin. On hot days, it draws perspiration away from your skin and into the fibers. There, it traps between 30 and 36 percent of its own weight in moisture.

Sheepskin is not only comfortable; it’s durable. The treated leather backing holds the fibers securely in place, is fluid-resistant, and resists damage. Moreover, skins treated with a process known as “chrome tanning” are washable: use a soap that includes lanolin-sheepskin’s natural oil-and it will remain attractive for years.

The advantage of sheepskin car seat covers is that they do more than just beautify. Driving becomes more comfortable, you remain warm when the day is cold, and you find it easier to stay cool on hot days. With sheepskin car seat covers, Cruiser owners can easily preserve the showroom-quality interior of their vehicles with attractive, comfortable coverings.

What is the essential equipment? A PT Cruiser, and a Cruiser sheepskin car seat cover.